Nier: Automata

Amusement Park

Sewers from/to City Ruins

Central area

keyword: "~"

#### Attraction Square * `scan` 1 [Silver Ore] `x` In the corner east of the access point. * `9S intel-archive` [Tattered Pamphlet] `x` At the foot of the amusement ride. * 1 [Skill Salve (S)] `x` At the top of the amusement ride. If you can't reach it from the ride cars, you can also make your way up from the ground almost directly underneath the chest. ##### Square behind the amusement ride * `boss intel-unit` [Goliath Tank](Goliath+Tank+(Amusement+Park)) Drops a [Machine Core] (worth $10000 in [route A](routes)). * `9S intel-archive` [Filthy Lottery Ticket] * `route-c pod` [A150: Volt] ### After [MIA] ([songstress](Beauvoir)) * #### `-` Theater * 1 [Speed Salve (S)] `x` Atop the main stairs. * `scan` 1 [Pyrite] `x` West of the main stairs. * `9s` $10000 `x` Behind the counter in the lobby. * ##### `-` Underground `x` Accessible by the elevator behind the stairwell. * `9s weapon` [Demon's Cry] * `- 9s quest` Game Dev Machine Available after [Machine Request]. `x` Take the elevator down to the theater basement. 1. `=` [Lv.1](Game+Dev+Machine+Lv+1) 2. `=` [Lv.2](Game+Dev+Machine+Lv+2) 3. `=` [Lv.3](Game+Dev+Machine+Lv+3) * 1 [Impact Bracer (S)] `x` The small courtyard on the west side of the area. * `farm` [Drop Rate Up] chips are almost nonexistent as drops in most of the game, but you can farm them from the [Small Flyer]s on the rollercoaster. * `quest` [Stamp Collecting]