Nier: Automata

Abandoned Factory


  • 1 Medium Recovery

    At the start of the bridge.

After Reboot


During Olive Branch (Route A) or after it (Route B).

  • Throne room

  • Secret chests in the chimney

    When the camera switches to side-scrolling view for the first time, you'll be on a walkway going through a large chimney. Stand in its right-side exit, and double jump up and left back inside it. You should land on a walkway a little off the ground.

  • Secret room above the metal press conveyor

    About halfway up the stairs around the cistern after the metal press conveyor belt, there will be a platform where you can change the direction and make your way across the tops of the metal presses you ran under previously.

  • Unlock elevator back to access point.

    In the room after riding a background conveyor belt.

  • The room the second metal press conveyor